Crypto Consultants is a full-service blockchain & crypto currency consulting agency specializing in marketing, development and regulatory consulting for new web3 projects world-wide. With our decade+ experience in crypto, and nearly 2 decade experience in marketing & development we can help you successfully plan & launch your crypto currency or Web 3 project.

WE’VE Worked with

Crypto Currency (Web 3.0) MARKETING & ADVERTISING

With the development of Web3, it’s also important to keep on track with all of the new technologies and strategies that go into marketing specifically for Web3 and Crypto Currency. Conventional marketing has been left in the dust, eclipsed by digital marketing, but Crypto marketing is in a category all it’s own. Only specific tactics work, navigating services’ policies on crypto currency marketing is also often difficult. We know what works and can save $10’s of Thousands to $100’s of thousands of dollars helping you avoid pitfalls. 

Web 3.0 (Cryptocurrency) REGULATORY & Legal Guidance

Web3 is the most important element in the new age of cryptocurrency. In fact, Web3 relies on many of the same principles and technologies that underpin cryptocurrency. However, in order to make the most of the abilities of Web3 in relation to cryptocurrency, we also need to understand that there are certain risks that come with reliable cryptocurrency exchange in the Web3 environment. We help connect our clients to qualified, crypto-currency knowledgeable attorneys to best navigate the space. 

Web 3.0 & Cryptocurrency DEVELOPMENT

Our team of experienced developers and massive partner network has experience in SOLIDITY and a number of standard frameworks in the space. We will work closely with you throughout the lifecycle of your project, right from the strategy and design to the development and launch of your web application. You’ll always have a clear understanding of each phase and deliverables in the process.

Cryptocurrency & Web 3.0 Investing

As a part of our service offering we do make select investments in projects in the space from time-to-time. Our firm’s success actually started in this regard, with our Founder having invested in Bitcoin back in 2012 and continuing healthy investments in coins such as Litecoin, Chainlink, and many others. In addition to direct investments in projects we also offer a crypto currency mastermind group where you can learn what our founder is looking at, the investments we’re making, and learn how to discover the hidden gems in crypto.